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I just bought blonde and black.Black underneath and platinum blonde on top.

Yeah the blonde barely had enough for half my hair which I usually use less then a bottle with other products. Then the black looked good and later the next day it turned blue! It looked awful. I wanted black not blue, if I wanted blue I would have bought fricken blue!

I don't think I will ever buy anything from Loreal again.

Not happy with this and I read two other reviews that said their hair turned the wrong colors.Oh yeah and my blue hair is permanent hopefully I can dye over it.

Review about: Loreal Usa Hair Dye.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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So you think you have problems. There are millions of children in cancer wards with no hair that would love to have your problem. Count your blessings.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #935095

Go and get the hair color remover and start over.


Good luck coloring over the blue.I used the splatt!

dye and went blue on purpose. After it started fading, I hated it and tried to color over it.

I used a dark brown and ended up having army green hair.Eventually, I was able to cover it up with red - that really sucks.

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